I can not say enough good things about these guys.

I can not say enough good things about these guys. We moved to Cheyenne from Utah and drove our own Uhaul. We hired a moving company to unload in Cheyenne and after they were over 2 hours late they cancelled!!!!! I pulled up Yelp! and took a gamble on the first company I saw. MY GAMBLE PAID OFF!! I called at 5pm on a Wednesday evening. Told them my situation and that I needed unloaded THAT NIGHT! Luckily for me, there was a 4 man crew working on a job in my city! The owner never missed a beat and told me he’d send them over as soon as the finished!!!! The crew showed up around 8pm. I knew they had a long day and probably weren’t thrilled about getting sent to an unexpected job, but you would have never known. They were incredibly respectful, upbeat and kind. Even when a giant storm hit half way through the unload. Again, they didn’t miss a beat, they hopped in my Uhaul and backed it up as close as they could get to the garage and kept unloading.

They were even cautious enough to cover ever sensitive item (mattresses and dressers) with a moving pad before moving it out so it didn’t get wet.

These guys were work horses. They unloaded an entire 20′ truck in no time and with great attitudes!
I highly recommend Smooth Movers!!!

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